underwater streamline

Coach Sara demonstrates the correct streamlined body position for pushing off the wall. Learn how to be efficient and offer the least resistance when moving through the water.

Quick Tip: Practice off each wall!

recovery phase with

Coach sara

This video demonstrates the right way to move your arm and hand through the recover phase of the freestyle stroke. Listen for the "PLOP" as Coach Sara drops her relaxed arm into the water!

Quick Tip: The recovery should be quick, relaxed and wide. An incorrect recovery phase can cause shoulder impingement and pain!

Open Water Drafting with Sara McLarty - SWIMMER Magazine

Coach Sara & Coach Misty went to Siesta Key to work with US Masters Swimming on a drafting & positioning article for Swimmer Magazine. We also spoke to the camera for this short video that is FULL of tips for your next open water swim or triathlon race!

breathing with Coach sara

Watch as Coach Sara demonstrates breathing for the freestyle stroke. Always exhale gently out of your nose when your face is in the water. You should feel and see the bubbles! Bilateral breathing is important for triathletes in the open water elements. 

Quick Tip: Don't roll your face toward your armpit when you breathe. Instead, look slightly forward to keep your mouth out of the water.

Flutter Kick with Coach Misty

Watch as Coach Misty demonstrates the freestyle flutter kick. She has a quick and short kick that originates at her hips. Her knees are relaxed so that they bend slightly on the DOWN kick and straighten slightly on the UP kick. Misty's ankles are relaxed, not aggressively pointed which can trigger calf cramps. Her feet are breaking the surface of the water and making a small splash whether she is using a kick board or in streamline position. 

Quick Tip: listen to your kick and try to make it sound like Coach Misty’s!

Horizontal Body Position with Coach Misty

Watch as Coach Misty demonstrates horizontal body position by floating on the surface of the water. She is balanced perfectly at the surface of the water. Her legs and arms are moving just slightly to stay afloat and keep her balanced. Notice the neutral head position, her head is neither elevated above the water or pressed down into the water.

Quick Tip: Press your hips down and arch your back to prevent your feet and legs from sinking to the bottom. 

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