• ​​​Attend and participate in open SLAP organized sessions: open water training, socials, guest speakers, team events, parties, etc.
  • Receive a monthly calendar via email with all SLAP and local upcoming events and details.
  • Receive a SLAP visor, SLAP string bag, and SLAP magnet to proudly wear and display.
  • 20% off group swim practice monthly fees (regular $50).

Click HERE to check out the SLAP calendar of events and the group training sessions.

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  • Open to athletes under 17-years old (athletes under 14 must attend SLAP group sessions with parent/guardian). 
  • All levels include the same perks as outlined above, with discounted membership prices:
    • ​"Participant" - $75 yearly fee
      • 1-per month specific youth/junior training session
    • "Racer" - $150 monthly fee
      • ​private coaching, mentoring, goal setting, and race preparation
2017 SLAP Tri Team - Youth/Junior
Payment for __?__ Month
SLAP Triathlon Team

Click HERE to order SLAP gear including hats, visors, shirts, swim suits, cycling kits, trisuits, etc.

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2017 SLAP Triathlon Team
Payment for __?__ Month
miniSLAPPERS (Youth & Juniors) - DISCOUNTED FEES

racer LEVEL - $200 monthly fee

​​​Coach Sara and Coach Misty are passionate about endurance and multi-sport and know that Clermont and Central Florida are one of the best places to train year-round!

Whether you are a resident or visit the "The Choice of Champions" often, we look forward to providing the organization and coaching for a fun, friendly, and passionate training family...we are the SLAPPERS!

Join at any of the levels below to access the group training calendar, educational and inspirational guest speakers, discounts on products, SLAP team gear, and much more.

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PARTICIPANT LEVEL - $100 yearly fee

  • Receive a personalized training plan designed for your goals, races, and abilities. 
    • ​Initial consultation to discuss history and goals with the SLAP coach of your choice
    • No limit to communication with your coach
    • Workouts reviewed and delivered weekly via Training Peaks
    • ​Personalized race schedule planning and nutritional advice 
    • Fees waived for all group swim practices
  • All of the "Participant Level" membership perks.
  • Receive one SLAP Athlete shirt.
  • Free entry into all of the SLAP Splash & Dash series (while at "Racer Level").