​​​​Just a note to say thanks again for a great workout and your encouragement. I love how at ease and great you are with swimmers of all abilities. You bring such positive energy and it helps immensely. --- Pam K.

​​​I've been an athlete with Coach Misty for over 5 years and have seen major improvements in my performance along the way.  She consistently provides me with a weekly training plan that keeps me moving forward injury free towards my yearly race and activity goals.  During this time, Misty has prepared me for Sprint, Olympic, and Half Iron distance triathlons, 5ks to 1/2 marathons, multiple swim-run events, Elite level adventure racing, endurance mountain bike racing, and downhill skiing.  Additionally, Misty and Sara's participation and involvement in the weekly training activities adds that extra level of enthusiasm and motivation that would inherently be missing from say, 6x1 mile repeats done solo. Their experience, enthusiasm, and knowledge are second to none.. --- Tagg L.

​​I just want to thank you for a terrific Open Water Swimming clinic. I've been open water swimming most of my life and doing triathlons off and on since 1982. About 15 minutes into your presentation, I realized it had already paid for itself. I've read articles on some of what you covered, and there is no substitution to actually doing.
Your positive feedback was a real motivator for all of us. Yes, even us senior citizens, need a pat on the back once in a while. In summary, it was all valuable. --- Joe Neal

January SLAP Athlete of the Month:

Mauricio Ianez

Mauricio swam over 100,000 yards in November and December of 2017 to win the SLAP Yardage Challenge! He was in the water 36 of the 61 days...and some of those swims were in an unheated community pool! Awesome job Mauricio!!

​​​​Thank you so much! It was absolutely terrific! --- Stephanie W.

​​​I just wanted to say thank you for all the efforts you are putting in to help us at the weekly swims. I feel the group swims with other people area great way to get stronger. --- Ceme C.

LOVED it yesterday.  We need to schedule the next event. --- Mary-Jo N.

Thanks for your coaching, it is making a difference although I have a ways to go. --- Mark B.

I felt a lot better in the swim, just a lot more confident and comfortable than I ever have before. I cannot thank you both enough - you have absolutely transformed my swim technique, and I'm now determined to put in the training to really reap the rewards of that and get quicker without working too much harder. --- Belinda B.

The clinic was extremely valuable to help me correct a weakness in my stroke. I will be spending this winter concentrating on fixing it permanently. --- Paul H.


I practiced the recommendations you gave me. The first time it felt weird, but it eventually got easier and more natural to swim with this new "style". So far I have cut 2 minutes off my 1500 yard swim and have no soreness in my shoulders. --- Petya G.

Mistyhas been my coach for five years. I am stronger, faster, injury free and having more fun along the way. Misty organizes all my workouts for the week, which is such a treat because I have a busy full time job. Every workout has a purpose and together they are all part of achieving my overall goal. Most importantly, my coach is very approachable and always just a text or a phone call away. --- Reeli Reinu

I really enjoyed training with Sara & Misty a couple of months ago. I overcame my fear out of the open water. They made me fearless toward swimming in the lake and stronger doing triathlons! --- Mercy Sanchez, Striking Divas Tri Club Captain

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