​Coach Liesl Begnaud is a USA Triathlon Level 1 & Paratriathlon Certified Coach and USMS Level 2 Coach based in Clermont, FL.

Liesl has been racing endurance sports for over 13 years which includes two Ironman finishes, numerous marathons, cycling events and multiple triathlon age group podium finishes. She has assisted with Challenged Athlete Foundation Paratriathlon Camps, coached cycling for Special Olympics, and has been active with multiple triathlon clubs and teams.

Her coaching philosophy is based on creating a caring partnership while working together to meet the athlete's goals. She helps her athletes to develop skills and confidence by encouraging them to train hard, play hard, have fun, and stay healthy while enjoying a balanced life.

Prior to joining the Team MPI & SLAP coaching staff, Liesl worked as a social worker with persons with disabilities and special needs.​





I am a working wife, mother and grandmother of “3” as well as an Ironman Triathlete and avid cyclist. I understand the commitment to family as well as the commitment it takes to reach ones fitness goals.

Fear can be paralyzing, especially the fear of doing your very first triathlon. Coaching women became my passion years ago as I helped them overcome their fear and anxiety of cycling and doing their first triathlon. Fears about the swim, fears of the bike, fears of "am I going to be able run after the bike", fears about endurance, fears about being last, fears that people will laugh at your less-than-perfect physique….fear of the transition as you see these calm and confident triathletes engaged in their “pre-race rituals” and you’re trying to figure out if you have enough time to run to the “porta-potty” before your swim wave goes off!!!

I have trained clients from the ages of 16 to 91, at all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Their goals ranged from “getting in better shape” to dropping off a few dress sizes, to competing in their first triathlon or running 5K‘s to a marathon. My clients all have one thing in common, a desire and a commitment to succeed and to reach their fitness goals.

My goal as your coach is to keep you committed to your program by keeping you motivated, safe, and keeping it fun while getting the best out of you. My method is not only aimed at specific targeted fitness but also an improved self image. If you’re ready and committed, I would be honored to help you reach your fitness goals.

Coach Morgan will be joining us at SLAP at the end of 2018 when we combine her successful youth triathlon team "The Stingrayz" with our SLAPPERS.

Morgan's passion for healthy active kids is evident with her three sons who participate in triathlon and many other competitive sports. 

In 2018, Morgan has successfully re-certified as a USA Triathlon Youth & Junior Triathlon Coach. We are excited to bring her positive attitude and never-tiring energy to the team. 

Please contact us or Coach Morgan at any time to discuss ways to get your 6-15 year olds involved with this healthy and fun sport.

 Youth Coach MORGAN


Linda Fulton's swimming story is one for the books!

In 2013, she started attending the SLAP swim practices in Celebration as a way to stay fit and active when her knees were no longer supporting her land-based physical activities. She had been a swimmer in her childhood...but hadn't been in the pool for many years.

Fast forward just a couple months and Linda is competing in local Senior Games competitions and US Masters Swimming meets and setting age-group records in multiple events!

We are so proud that Linda supports the SLAP group and she will frequently be seen on the Celebration pool deck filling in when the Coaches are out of town. 

Swim Coach LINDA



  • USA Triathlon Coach, L1
  • USA Triathlon Youth & Junior Coach
  • American Swimming Coaches Association, L2
  • ASCM - Certified Personal Trainer
  • US Masters Swimming Level 1 & 2
  • ​TRX Certified
  • American Red Cross: Lifeguard/First-Aid/CPR/AED
  • Certified/Licensed Massage Therapist​


  • USA Triathlon Coach, L2
  • USA Triathlon Youth & Junior Coach
  • US Masters Swimming Level 1 & 2
  • American Red Cross: Lifeguard/First-Aid/CPR/AED
  • ​SCUBA
  • ​USA Triathlon Elite Athlete
The story of Misty Becerra's path to Swim Like A Pro began a long time ago in a land far away, but, let's take a short-cut and start somewhere in the middle. College at Florida Atlantic University pulled her away from the competitive swimming background that had engulfed her life. While suffering from swimmer’s “burn out”, Misty took on a new sport and soon found herself battered, bruised, and winning on the rugby field.

​Between rugby tournaments, Misty would show up at the local triathlon series and win her age group thanks to her strong swimming background. She assumed the strange stares that followed her were intimidation tactics from seasoned competitors, but they were actually staring at her bruised arms and legs.

After graduating with a degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion in 2004, Misty scored an internship at the National Training Center in Clermont, Florida. Her first memory of arriving in Clermont was exclaiming “There are HILLS in Florida? I will sure miss the beach!"

​During her 9 years at the NTC as an Exercise/Aquatic Specialist, Misty’s path crossed with Sara McLarty. Together, they used their passion, education, and experience to grow the Masters swim program, private swim clinics, and swim analysis sessions. Who would have thought that two swimmers, who spent countless hours staring at a black line on the bottom of the pool, would become successful and highly sought after swim experts? The next logical step for these two passionate swim experts would be to become business partners and embark on a journey building the Swim Like A Pro brand in Central Florida and beyond. 
In 1990, Sara McLarty competed in her first triathlon along the shores of Lake Minneola. Waterfront Park did not exist, the multi-use trail was still a road, and there wasn't a single hotel in town! 17 years later, she moved from the cold mountains of Colorado Spring back to sunny Florida and now lives in Clermont. 

During those 17 years, while competing as a youth, junior, age-group, and collegiate athlete, Sara fell in love with the sport of triathlon. A temporary hiatus from the sport was necessary while competing at the NCAAs for the University of Florida swim team and training for the USA Swimming Olympic Trials. After narrowly missing the 2004 Olympic swim team, Sara wasted no time in calling USA Triathlon and asking to register as a pro.

2015 was her eleventh and final year representing the USA and competing professionally around the country and all over the world. Between training, traveling, packing and unpacking bike boxes, Sara has a passion for working with triathletes of all levels to achieve their personal goals in the sport. Her background in swimming naturally led to a familiar position on the pool deck with a stopwatch in hand.

​Creativity and fun are the two words that best describe Sara’s coaching methods at group swim practices or during private coaching sessions. With a lighter travel scheduled now being a "retired" professional athlete, it is easy to schedule swim sessions, clinics, and personal coaching opportunities. If you have ever read and enjoyed a swim article in Triathlete Magazine, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to work with Coach Sara McLarty in person!


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